Hartland Fuel Products

A wholesale marketer of refined products and propane in the Midwest and Eastern Rockies.  Hartland Fuels offers a complete line of gasoline, distillates, and propane at most major terminal systems. Offering both branded and unbranded supply relationships.


Hartland Renewable Fuels

Hartland Renewable Fuels has grown to become a leader in the wholesale marketing areas of biofuels including ethanol, denaturant and biodiesel. We also work in the traditional fuels market offering a full state of light oil products.


Hartland Lubricants & Chemicals 

A full service lubricants distributor headquartered in Onalaska, Wisconsin, with an additional full service location in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Hartland Lubricants covers the upper Midwest region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Upper Michigan and Illinois.


Midwest Fuels

The leading supplier of independent energy to homes and businesses in the area, Midwest Fuels is dedicated to providing it’s customers with an unprecedented level of professional service, timely delivery, economical pricing, and ecologically sound energies.


TexPar Energy

TexPar Energy, LLC has grown from a Midwest residual oil recycling / supplier into a national marketer and logistics manager satisfying a wide range of energy needs. Today’s TexPar has expertise in all areas of supply, distribution, marketing /sales, and logistic services for our clients throughout the United States and Canada.